Fleet 20

David, Di and Toby.

Thank you so much for the bike ride on Sunday. I cannot believe that you organise such a brilliant event.
The whole thing has become a part of our friends and family tradition- back to school do the bike ride! The volunteers were fabulous- the marshals were so positive, helpful and seemed to know exactly how to help us out. The whole feel of the event is great- we loved the new numbers and the plastic ties. And we love that we don’t have to be serious riders to join in with serious riders. And we get to see a part of our area in a relaxed open air kind of way.
It was just brilliant.
Thank you.

Jenny Pugh
 Well done Kevin, and also to everyone who took part. My daughters love for cycling came from this event, she did it 3 weeks after learning to ride her bike which was 6 years ago now. 
Towns and communities need more people like you to do more wonderful things like this
Simon James Beswick Great morning, myself, my wife and two kids (5 + 8)did it. Thanks to all the marshals and support staff..
Anne Cockburn I was one of the Marshall and I was so impressed to see so many little ones taking part. Well done to you all.
Andrew Perkins Well done all who rode. Special thanks to you, Kevin, for organising such a great event. We in Fleet Cycling know how much goes into it! All the best.

Jon Roose Fantastic organisation (many thanks to Kevin, the Marshalls and all who supported the event). A great atmosphere nd well done for booking the weather again
Hannah Harper Thank you so much Kevin and everyone else involved in volunteering to make such a successful event. We had a great time and loved cycling together as a family.
Scott Vessey Thanks Kevin, and all the volunteers who make this possible! My sons and I enjoyed it again 

Janet Thompson
 Thankyou Kevin and team for all your wonderful support to our local Stroke/Aphasia group it was a brilliant day
Wendy Robertson Great ride and so well organised, a huge thank you to Kevin and the team
Andrew G Johnston Well done Kevin Whibley and all the riders - Kevin you always seem to arrange great weather!
Claire Isaac Such a well organised event, so lucky too have this on our doorstep...thanks too all that work so hard to make it such a great event for the whole family too enjoy

Joyce Barr Thank you very much indeed for all the hard work in organising and volunteering, we had a great day, our third Fleet 20!
Tamara Parr Thank you Kevin, my boys had a great time
Matt Hodgson Great day run by a great team. Thanks Kevin and everyone for putting themselves out again to organise a cracking event. Long may it continue.
Tammi Iley We had a great family day out. Did the 20 mile this year which in our minds was going to be 20km.Really well organised. 
Paul Prendergast Brilliant Kevin, just what Fleet needs mateKaren Dillamore So lovely to see so many families out enjoying this wonderful event - thanks so much for organising.
Sue Rufus Well done Kevin for your hard work,we saw quite a few riders loved seeing the families join in
Tamzin Redpath Thank you for organising, my daughter and I enjoyed it again this year.
Brigid Ballesty We didn’t ride this year but saw the riders and children brilliant
Grant Ronald Well done Kevin and team. Great day out 
Matt Hodgson  Impeccable organisation again Kevin. So much fun and so much enjoyment evident. Thank you all for the huge effort!
See you next year.
Heather Cruikshanks Martha had a brilliant time. Thank you
Alex Crompton Great day, thanks Kevin
Victoria Woodford It was brilliant, and the Black Horse Harley Riders were so very kind. I was so impressed with the check in, medal collection and signage - well done everyone!
Kate Cottrell I will be throwing my bike at Pedal Heaven asap and make sure its actuallt road worthy so that I can join in next year!
Kate Philpot Well done Kevin for organising a great event 
Angela Goddard Kevin the bikers enjoyed our day out supporting all the riders & would be more than happy to support you again next year if you need us
Christine Curtis It was a really great event, every Marshall we met along the way was lovely and really encouraging the kids.
Nick Williams Great job Kevin Whibley I rode the route out to my marshalling point and thoroughly enjoyed the banter with the adult riders suggesting they should be heading straight on the 30miler rather than turning left and encouraging the youngsters who were a joy to see. Well done everyone who rode today.
Andrew Curd Well done Kevin for organising another great community event 
Joanne Pagan  My husband and I were running down Hitches Lane and saw so many nice families enjoying themselves, saying hello to us - a really nice sight to see.
Amanda Jane Bullock Very well done Kevin for organising the bike ride again xx
Jo Matcham It was great, thanks for organising and to all the volunteers.
Phil Street  It was a delight to be involved...
Well done to you and the rest of the team...
Proper job...
James Dunne Well done Kevin for taking the time and effort to organise this great event. Out on Thursday afternoon putting the signs out not a two minute job by any means. Looking forward to next year
Shaun Horan Amazing work and huge thanks to Kevin Whibley and everyone who makes this happen for so many people. Thank you for giving up your Sunday (and many days and hours before that) so that 500 of us can have a fantastic day out with our familes.

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10, 20 and 30 mile route options available!

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Get on your bike and join us for a great ride in the country.
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Medals guaranteed for the first 500 riders to register.
Free water bottle to the first 500 to register online and ride.
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In aid Of

In the last 10 years alone Fleet 20 has raised around £20,000 for Stroke Asphasia.
They spend the money locally doing lovely things for people who have suffered from Strokes.
My favourite is they will take them to Blackbush Airport and give them a chance to fly a plane with aerobility. Giving people the chance to do what they never thought they could can be life changing and it is not only the ethos of The Stroke / Asphasia Group but also of Fleet 20.

This event is also supported by

Our next ride is on

13th September 2020

9:30 for a 10:00 start

(where carnival, fair and fireworks are)
GU51 4AB

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Closing time for online entries Monday 7th Sept. at 09:00
(Or until the ride is full, which was close last year.)

Please register in advance.
Cost on the Day £14 per Adult and £7 per child.
The entry costs are considerably reduced in advance.

r groups please register with multiple applications.

 £    10.00  £    18.00  £    24.00  £    32.00  £    35.00  £    42.00  £    49.00  £    56.00  £    54.00  £    60.00
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 £    16.00  £    26.00  £    34.00  £    40.00  £    48.00  £    51.00  £    58.00
 £    15.00  £    25.00  £    33.00  £    39.00  £    47.00  £    50.00
 £    18.00  £    28.00  £    36.00  £    42.00  £    50.00
 £    21.00  £    31.00  £    39.00  £    45.00
 £    24.00  £    34.00  £    42.00
 £    27.00  £    37.00
 £    30.00

e.g. 2 Adults and 3 Children = £30
3 Adults = £24
3 Children = £12
5 Adults and 5 Children = £50


Fleet's Longest Established Charity Family Bike Ride
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